Maeghan Sutton, RN, BSN

Operating Room Nurse

Maeghan provides compassionate care seamlessly from the clinic to the operating room. As a Registered Nurse with over 10 years of experience in the United States and abroad, she is vocal patient advocate. Maeghan’s clinical support and thoughtful approach to our patients before, during and after surgery constitute a vital part of the Tannan Plastic…

Sami Skipwith-Pickard

Front Desk

Sami’s smiling, face is often a patient’s first interaction with Tannan Plastic Surgery. She brings a wealth of kindness, compassion and experience to the front desk. Her knowledge and ability to comfort put all at ease, and her organizational and communication skills help this office hum!

Eiline Gonzalez

Front Desk

One of the friendly and reassuring voices at our office that you first hear over the phone belongs to the lovely Eiline. Her generous heart and welcoming personality are ready to greet you the moment you walk through our doors. Eiline’s organizational skills keep our front desk humming, and she finds joy in putting people…

Christi Hughes - Tannan Plastic Surgery
Christi Hughes

Surgical Technician

Christi brings 20 years of experience as a surgical technician in plastic surgery. Her talent and expertise make her an integral and valuable member of our team here at Tannan Plastic Surgery. Christi is passionate about delivering the highest level of care to each and every one of her patients. Our patients appreciate her reassuring…

Yoli Pacheco - Tannan Plastic Surgery
Yoli Pacheco

Patient Care Coordinator

Yoli puts patients at ease with over 20 years of experience in caring for patients in many roles. She has been a scrub tech in the operating room and is now the scheduler, coordinating care for patients having plastic surgery. Yoli has a kind heart and a keen understanding of the surgical journey. Involved in…