“My passport picture prompted me to get a facelift. Dr. Tannan was recommended by a friend, who had the same procedure, and I liked her results. Great communicator – explained everything, her philosophy to make the lift look natural, pre-procedures, operation and post procedures and recovery. Very accessible to respond to questions at all stages. Delightful sense of humor. The post result is she took me back to where I was 6-7 years ago (before menopause started everything sagging.) My chin/neckline is more defined, my jowls and “puppet mouth” substantially reduced. I do not look stretched or pinched in any way. My friends who know compliment me on how natural it turned out. And, my friends who don’t know tell me, “You look terrific.” It’s a big surgery – you will want to follow her instructions to the T. I’d say you don’t want to plan a major event for a month, but you can certainly go to the grocery store after a week or so, and back to the office after 2 weeks or so. Your body is fine, but your face is still puffy after the surgery. Dr. Tannan also offers a face peel after you’ve healed as part of the package – so you have fresh skin to go with your refreshed face and neck.”

Five Star Review - Tannan Plastic Surgery