Body Tite by InMode offers an innovative approach to body contouring with fat removal and skin tightening. It works through minimally invasive radio frequency energy delivered through a small probe. This minimally invasive procedure allows us to see even more powerful results than we can achieve with traditional Liposuction. The radiofrequency heat is applied with this probe to the fat underneath your skin at a precise temperature that causes fat destruction, skin tightening and collagen remodeling. If you are looking for a minimally invasive option to help you remove bulges of fat and skin, read more to find out if Body Tite is right for you.

How do I know if Body Tite can help me?

Body Tite with Radiofrequency Technology is perfectly suited for you if you have a problem of excess fat and skin in areas that we would do traditional Liposuction. This includes:

  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Breast
  • Back Fat
  • Bra Fat

Body Tite allows us to take Liposuction up a notch and deliver results that consistently tighten loose skin in a way that CoolSculpting, traditional Liposuction or even laser Liposuction cannot. The radiofrequency energy is delivered in a bipolar manner between the internal and external probes. This means the energy delivery is specifically targeting the vertical fibroseptal network that selectively shrinks. Laser lipo, ultrasound assisted lipo and vaser lipo are all monopolar. For that reason, they fail to deliver the energy specifically targeting the areas that we want to contract. This is why we can do BodyTite on all skin types!

What is the BodyTite treatment like?

You will be under local anesthesia with sedation or additional general anesthesia for this procedure. There may be some initial discomfort during the numbing portion of the procedure. We have different methods to help make that more tolerable, e.g. ProNox, oral sedation.

The entire BodyTite treatment takes between 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on what areas we are treating. Downtime is similar to that from Liposuction. It can vary by person. Typically we see two days of recovery, but some people might need longer for larger areas treated. You should only need one treatment to achieve results.


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When can I expect to see results after Body Tite?

You can see some immediate results, but full results will start to appear after three months and sometimes continue up to 12 months. We have to inject the body with fluid before we begin the radiofrequency assisted lipolysis (Body Tite). This keeps your tissues safe and protected. It also contributes to the post-procedure swelling that takes some time to subside. Most people return to social activities, driving and their regular non-strenuous routine within a week. We recommend waiting at least three weeks before resuming strenuous activity like working out to allow the surgical swelling to subside.

What’s the difference between Body Tite and Plastic Surgery?

Body Tite allows us to remove skin and fat on the arms and thighs so we don’t have to create the big scar of an arm lift or a thigh lift. Likewise if the excess skin and fat of the abdomen are not to the point of indicating a Tummy Tuck, we would not offer that surgery. When you have more skin and fat that would require more than what Liposuction could achieve alone, that is where Body Tite comes in.

Body Tite lets us remove fat and tighten skin in one procedure that is minimally invasive. Plastic Surgery involves directly cutting out the skin and fat to remove it, rather than heating the fat to destroy it and targeting the fibroseptal networks that cause skin shrinkage. Bottom Line: Body Tite helps us achieve results that are much more dramatic than straight lipo, and with less scars and less downtime than Plastic Surgery.

How much does Body Tite cost?

The cost for Body Tite radiofrequency depends on the areas we treat and the form of sedation we use. This is totally tailored to your needs. Sometimes we treat multiple body areas to achieve maximal results. For example we might do Body Tite to the abdomen while also doing a Breast Reduction under general anesthesia. The best way to get a precise cost for Body Tite is with a consultation with Dr. Tannan. Our surgical coordinator will give you a cost specific to your goals. In general though, the cost of BodyTite is pretty similar to the cost of Liposuction.

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