Cellulite dimples can feel almost like a rite of passage as we age. A surprising 85% of women suffer from cellulite. Whether you work out daily, eat healthy meals or have super genes, you will probably be faced with these little crater-like depressions on your buttocks and legs at some point in your life. Thankfully, we now have the option of Avéli treatment for cellulite reduction.

Avéli is a groundbreaking, minimally invasive procedure designed to diminish the appearance of cellulite dimples on the buttocks, hips and back of the thighs. Avéli sets itself apart by precisely identifying and releasing the individual connective fibers, known as septa, that are the root cause cellulite dimpling. Completed in one single treatment, using state-of-the-art technology, Avéli helps get rid of cellulite to deliver noticeably smoother, more even skin.

Cellulite: The Skin-Deep Dive

Cellulite is a very common (and frustrating) condition that causes dimples. Contrary to what most people believe, the underlying cause of cellulite isn’t weight gain, excess fat or loose skin. The characteristic “orange peel” skin texture is actually linked to subdermal web of connective tissue bands (septae), which stiffen and shrink over time, pulling unevenly on our skin.

Diet and exercise don’t address cellulite. Furthermore, over-the-counter creams are wholly ineffective and completely disappointing when it comes to cellulite dimples. These topical ointments do nothing for the tethers that pull down on the underside of our skin.

The fat between these connective tissue bands bulges under the tension of the bands pulling down around it. More than skin-deep, Avéli works below the surface to address the primary structural cause of cellulite. That is why this treatment is effective – because it works under the skin where the problematic cellulite originates.

Avéli – Before and After

Here are Before and After pictures of a patient that underwent Avéli treatment to get rid of cellulite dimples. Slide the cursor to see the difference.



How Avéli Works

This treatment is performed under local anesthesia. After numbing medicine like lidocaine is injected, we insert the Avéli treatment wand just below the skin, through a few scattered tiny incisions on your buttocks and thighs. We identify the septae or bands causing every single unwanted dimple with this wand.

Next, using the same device, we deploy it to release the band and typically see correction immediately. We use precision to recreate the tension and confirm results in real-time. Once the connective tissue is released and cleared away, the skin elevates away from the band, returning to its natural state. From start to finish, the procedure can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. The more cellulite dimples we treat, the longer it takes.

Is Avéli Right for Me?

Cellulite affects individuals of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Just like you, most patients feel discouraged by the endless battle to get rid of it on their own. During your initial consultation, we will look carefully at your skin texture. We also discuss elements of skin laxity, focal fat deposits and what makes Aveli the ideal, targeted treatment for reducing cellulite dimples.
The benefits of Avéli cellulite reduction treatment include:

  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • No general anesthesia required
  • Noticeable reduction in the dimpled or “cottage cheese” appearance of skin around your hips, thighs or buttocks
  • Visible results after one, in-office treatment
  • Safe, convenient, FDA-cleared procedure
  • Short recovery time


INDICATIONS FOR USE: The Avéli Precision Cellulite Release Device is indicated for temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite in the buttocks and thigh areas of adult females as supported by clinical data demonstrating benefits through three months of observation.

Avéli – Before and After

Here are Before and After pictures of a patient that underwent Avéli treatment to get rid of cellulite dimples. Slide the cursor to see the difference.



What to Expect with Avéli Recovery and Results

While you may not want to go right back to work after this procedure, you should be fine to do so the next day. You will experience tenderness in the treatment areas when you sit down, and that can last about a week. Wearing some light gauze will help to absorb any of the residual numbing fluid.

You will be able to drive yourself home and can look forward to returning to most of your normal daily activities quickly. It’s normal to experience some bruising and soreness. Tylenol and Ibuprofen usually are enough to take care of this discomfort.

Treatment areas may feel slightly tender when sitting down and it’s best to avoid strenuous exercise, like running and cross-fit for two weeks. During your consult we will go over details of your aftercare plan with you, to help ensure minimal downtime and optimal results.

After approximately 30 days, once any temporary swelling or bruising has subsided, you will begin to really appreciate the results of your Aveli treatment: smoother, more uniform skin! Whether you are in shorts, a skirt, your swimsuit or leggings, the result is equally gratifying from getting rid of the cellulite dimples.

Combining Avéli with Other Treatments

At Tannan Plastic Surgery, we offer a complete line of complimentary body contouring treatment options designed to work in tandem with Avéli. In fact, the minimally invasive nature of Avéli lends itself beautifully to being combined with other sculpting procedures to enhance or achieve more transformative results.

During your consultation, we identify your goals so we can comprehensively treat you. For example, if you want to be rid of cellulite and have a fuller backside, we can help with that. We can go over the differences between a Butt Lift and Renuva Filler to your buttock.

To determine if Avéli is the best option for you, we encourage you to schedule a fully customized consultation with our team led by board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Tannan. We can carefully assess your needs and craft a personalized treatment plan to meet your aesthetic goals.

Schedule your Avéli consultation with Tannan Plastic Surgery today!

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