Breast Revision

Breasts by nature will change shape and size with age and weight changes. A history of breast surgery can also alter your appearance and can sometimes cause pain after implants (capsular contracture). Breast Revision surgery is specially tailored to treat the particular problems you are experiencing with your breasts after a prior aesthetic or reconstructive breast surgery. We take special care to minimize creation of new scars and focus on trying to work with any scars you may already have as a result of your previous surgery.


How is Breast Revision surgery performed?

Breast implant revision needs can vary widely, from stretching of skin to tightening of the capsule around the breast implant. Sometimes the breast implant location shifts with time while the breast tissue continues to be affected by gravity resulting in the breasts sagging more than the implant. Breast implant revision surgery addresses these and other issues that may arise.

Some women may find that they no longer wish to be the size they have been and want removal of the breast implant. That involves reshaping the breast as it changes shape to accommodate the implant. Breast Revision is a broad term to include all these operations and others. The surgery often involves a Breast Lift with or without breast implant surgery. Additionally, Dr. Tannan may recommend the use of additional products to camouflage the breast implant in cases where the skin has thinned.


Is Breast Revision right for me?

If you have had Breast Augmentation or prior breast implant surgery you should be followed by a plastic surgeon regularly. If you are noticing changes in the breasts since surgery, we can discuss these in the office and determine if breast revision surgery would be helpful.

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How much does a Breast Revision cost?

Great question. It can be difficult to give a specific price without a consultation since your needs will be unique to you. If you’re not ready for a consultation just yet, try out our Plastic Surgery Cost Calculator for the typical cost of a Breast Revision and other popular plastic surgery procedures.


What is the recovery like after Breast Revision surgery?

Recovery after breast implant revision surgery depends on extent of the corrective surgery required in each case. This typically includes 3 to 6 weeks avoidance of strenuous activity. The Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Calculator is a great resource for planning your recovery timeline after Breast Revision surgery.


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