Renuva is an injectable filler treatment used to restore volume in the face and body. This FDA-approved filler is made of allograft adipose matrix. In plain English, this means it comes from the same collagens, proteins and growth factors found in human fat.

We inject Renuva where your own fat naturally exists. This honeycomb-like structural matrix gradually recruits your own body’s fat cells to live where it was injected. You can see long-lasting visual improvement in a matter of months.

As long as you maintain the same weight and general fat composition, you can expect your results to last! This makes Renuva different from hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, Voluma, Volbella, Kysse, and others where the results need touching up more frequently.

Why choose Renuva?

Over time, most people eventually experience age-related loss of fat in the face and body. Features that were formerly full and plump may sag and begin to appear hollow or deflated.

Renuva is a non-invasive, in-office injectable treatment used to regenerate volume. It does this by sending signals to recruit your body’s own fat cells and provide targeted, restorative smoothing.

Why is this groundbreaking method gaining in popularity? It is because Renuva gently stimulates the body’s own reparative ability to produce fat cells, resulting in a naturally more youthful appearance that lasts.

What is Renuva used for?

In the hands of an experienced injector, Renuva can effectively reverse volume loss as well as smooth and contour multiple areas of the body. Common areas of treatment include the face and neck, hands, breasts, hips, legs and buttocks.

Patients see restorative effects in facial volume, skin tone and texture as well as a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. Renuva has also been used to camouflage areas of scarring, rippling, or dimpling of the skin surface.

At Tannan Plastic Surgery, we often combine Renuva with Aveli, and FDA-approved cellulite treatment, to reduce cellulite dimples and volumize the buttocks in a staged fashion. This is a safe procedure and less invasive than a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift).

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What can I expect from my Renuva treatment?

During your private consultation with expert nurse injector, Kristie Foushee, RN, you will review your concerns, personal aesthetic goals, medical history, and treatment options in detail. Together, we develop a customized treatment plan that is right for you.

Tannan Plastic Surgery is the only Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area expert injector currently offering Renuva (or Renuva Adipose Matrix). With years of experience using this innovative treatment, we are uniquely qualified to help you safely and successfully achieve the most natural looking results.


What should I expect during and after treatment?

Renuva injections are performed in the safety and comfort of our office. Unlike plastic surgery, this treatment does not require general anesthesia or incisions. Instead, it is injected with a needle or cannula. A local anesthetic is used to briefly numb the desired site, ensuring your comfort throughout the entire process.

Best of all, there is no downtime! Your treatment typically takes less than an hour, and after that, you may return immediately to your normal daily activities.

Full results from Renuva typically show three months after treatment. This treatment is considered long-lasting, meaning any new fat that develops will remain as long as you don’t experience a significant loss of body fat.

Depending on your individual goals, you can expect to receive one to three injections spread out over several weeks. Mild redness and some minor swelling can be anticipated, but they generally resolve quickly after treatment.


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Tannan Plastic Surgery offers a suite of anti-aging treatment options including Renuva, Botox and other filler products each designed for specific applications. To determine if Renuva is the best option for you, we encourage you to schedule a fully customized consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Tannan. Our team can carefully assess your needs and craft a personalized treatment plan to meet your aesthetic goals.


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