Lip Augmentation

With increased age, our lips can deflate and lose volume. One way to address this problem is with a plastic surgery procedure called lip augmentation. Lip augmentation is often performed nonsurgically for a temporary improvement in volume that can last for 4-18 months. When performed nonsurgically, the lips are augmented with a filler to improve the shape and volume.

Alternatively, lip augmentation sometimes involves a surgical approach for a more durable, long-lasting result. Surgical lip augmentation involves liposuction and harvest of your own fatty tissue and injection of this fat deep in your lips. Lip injection can be done safely in both the clinic and the operating room.

Lip Filler – Before and After

Here are Before and After pictures of a patient that received injections of a lip filler, specifically Juvederm, by Dr. Tannan. Slide the cursor to see the amazing difference that filler makes. Dr. Tannan adds volume in just the right places to enhance the natural beauty and shape of your lips.


Lip Filler 1 Before - Tannan Plastic SurgeryLip Filler 1 After - Tannan Plastic Surgery

How do I know which type of lip augmentation is right for me?

During your surgical consult for lip augmentation or fillers, Dr. Tannan listens as you identify your areas of concern. We then show you which method will offer the more predictable and long-lasting result you desire for your lips.


Check out our interactive guide on how fillers can touch up all the right places!


How much does lip augmentation cost?

It all depends on the treatment plan we develop together for your specific needs. For the average cost of lip augmentation, as well as price ranges for other popular cosmetic surgery procedures, visit our Plastic Surgery Cost Calculator.


What is recovery like after lip augmentation?

Recovery from plastic surgery on the lips is quite straightforward. Typically, there is some expected swelling that subsides over time. If fat injections are used, you might need to wear a compression garment for a few weeks following lip injection. Most patients are back to their normal routine in 1 week. Plan out your recovery timeline for a lip augmentation using our Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Calculator.


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