As the center of your face, the nose has a very important role on how you put your best face forward. Rhinoplasty, or a Nose Job, involves shaping the nose to fit your face, addressing humps, cartilage shaping and grafting. In addition to cosmetic benefits, a Rhinoplasty can also improve nasal airflow. This procedure is uniquely tailored to address the specific areas of concern in your nose.

What kind of nose reshaping is best for me?

Rhinoplasty is a broad surgical term that includes many different kinds of techniques. Dr. Tannan offers her patients a minimally invasive option called “Closed Rhinoplasty”. With this approach, she does not put any scars on the external nose. She places all scars internally in the nostril and does the work from inside.

This method has several advantages over the “Open Rhinoplasty” technique, and it’s not just the absence of visible scars. The swelling after a Closed Rhinoplasty subsides much quicker than after an open procedure. Also sensation to the nasal tip is preserved after Closed Rhinoplasty, whereas it is compromised after Open Rhinoplasty. Last and most important, you can see and enjoy your final results much sooner after a Closed Rhinoplasty.

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What should I expect during a Rhinoplasty consultation?

A Nose Job consultation involves a close examination of your nasal passages and an in-depth discussion on your medical history, your trauma history and seasonal allergies. Dr. Tannan draws on a diagram how she would address each individual concern, from the nasal hump or bump to a big bulbous nasal tip or a wide nose. She shows you what creates different illusions when it comes to the nose. Then, she explains how to use those in your favor. As someone well-versed in repairing nasal trauma, she will recommend treatment options that are low risk.

When we operate on the nose in our on-site certified surgical suite, we address both the function and aesthetic appearance. In doing so, we stay true to who you are and maintain harmony with the rest of your facial balance. Sometimes this requires cartilage grafts to reshape your nose and build up the shape you desire. If you have had recent (or past) nasal trauma, it is helpful to bring pre-injury and post-injury photographs. These photos help us visualize what you have in mind for fixing a broken or crooked nose.

No two Nose Jobs are the same! It is crucial to seek experts who are board certified in plastic surgery, whether it is your first time or a revision Rhinoplasty. At Tannan Plastic Surgery, Dr. Tannan explains step-by-step what she would do in surgery, literally walking you through the process. She will tell you whether she will get cartilage from your nasal septum, your ear, or somewhere else.

How much does a Nose Job cost?

Good question! We put together the Plastic Surgery Cost Calculator to address this. Here you can find the typical cost for Rhinoplasty or Nose Job, as well as price ranges for other popular cosmetic procedures offered by Tannan Plastic Surgery.

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What is recovery like after Rhinoplasty or nasal surgery?

Recovery after a Rhinoplasty procedure involves dressings on (and sometimes packing inside) your nose for the first week after surgery. During this time, you want to lay low. After that first week, the swelling subsides dramatically. The recovery process varies based on what work is required. For example, people who do not need an osteotomy (where we have to break the bone to center your nose) recover faster than those who do.

A more rapid recovery is one of the wonderful benefits of Dr. Tannan being proficient in Closed Rhinoplasty, a minimally invasive nasal surgery technique. It allows you to get back to your life quickly with less downtime. We will want you to avoid any potentially dangerous activities for several weeks after surgery to optimize your surgical outcome. Try out our Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Calculator for a recovery timeline after Nose Job surgery.

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