Dr. Tannan and her team have been an absolute dream to me! They treated my family and I like family through everything. After having two kids, losing so much confidence with my body had taken a toll on me mentally, physically, emotionally. I had two hernias I didn’t know I had until I went in for surgery, severe diastasis recti, so much loose, saggy skin, and both breasts looked like deflated balloons. I’m an avid gym goer and these flaws (yes I know it’s the price you pay with pregnancy) just made me not feel myself at all. I didn’t feel pretty to my husband anymore, I didn’t want to dress up anymore, nothing. My husband and I discussed it and I decided to do the mommy makeover. I researched and came across Dr. Tannan’s office. I saw they honored the military and that immediately set it in. This office really works with you financially, they listen to your needs and wants with your body, and just really attentive to everything. As a mother herself, Dr. Tannan knew exactly what I felt, where I was coming from, my insecurities, and made it her mission to deliver what I was asking. After the surgery, and I saw my results, I immediately cried. She did even better than what we discussed. She was able to save my belly button, my stomach looked amazing, and my breasts were the best I’ve ever seen. My husband and I were beyond grateful and in awe of this woman’s work. She has restored my confidence and self- esteem. My healing process was completed in a very, very short recovery time. I healed so quickly. I know she gets it often, but I can not thank her and her team enough for what she has done for me. She knows her job very well. She’s does amazing work and I absolutely could not recommend her enough. I love you Dr. Tannan and I will forever be grateful!

Five Star Review - Tannan Plastic Surgery