I have a good friend that chases all the local deals for botox and I had been tempted to join her for my first time. I’m SO glad I didn’t!!!! Even as a nurse I never quite appreciated the Art/Science that goes into these treatments. Facial anatomy/musculature, strength of muscles, asymmetry etc. are all meticulously taken into consideration. Dr. Tannan has me HOOKED – I’ve now tried vintage Botox as well as the “newtox” that just hit the market. I’m carrying around a bunch of leftover baby weight and have neglected my hair…but I truly LOVE how my face looks and it has greatly improved my self esteem. The office staff is kind beyond words and when you meet Shruti you will want her to be your new best friend. She is truly a skillful practitioner – but MORE importantly a caring and honest person. Go visit her, you will NOT be disappointed!

Five Star Review - Tannan Plastic Surgery