Pillars of Practice

Online Marketing Tactics They Never Taught Us in Medical School

You may be wondering, “Why is my Plastic Surgeon writing a book about online marketing?” When I started Tannan Plastic Surgery, I knew how I wanted my practice to look and feel online, but I didn’t know how to do it. I knew I wanted it to be authentically me and most of all, useful for my patients.

I looked around for books and resources for how to launch and grow a medical practice. After searching extensively, I realized there was no such thing. I pieced it together from various resources, lessons learned, and experts in the field (including my co-author, Karen Horton, MD). After sharing my lessons learned with colleagues in Medicine, Dentistry and Physical Therapy, the need for this book became crystal clear. That’s why I decided to write Pillars of Practice.

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Book Description

Pillars-of-Practice-COVERBecoming a pro at online marketing is hard — in some ways, even harder than medical school. Trust us, we would know! Physicians, dentists, therapists and other health professionals who start their own practices rarely learn the fundamentals of marketing their business in an increasingly online world. Whether you’ve recently left an employed position to go out on your own, or you’ve been in business for years but need a fresh perspective, this book can help you take your online game to the next level.

In this how-to book, plastic surgeon Dr. Shruti Tannan shares the online marketing lessons that transformed her practice into a thriving enterprise. Co-author and thought leader in medicine and social media marketing, Dr. Karen Horton, adds key insights from her successful business in the Bay Area. In this book, you will learn the fundamentals of:

  • developing a professional website for your business
  • implementing Google Analytics for tracking performance
  • creating effective online advertisements
  • driving customers through content marketing
  • earning social credibility from online reviews
  • engaging your community on social media.

Each chapter breaks down specific tasks, from the basic building blocks for getting started to more advanced steps when growing your business. Best of all, this was written in a relatable tone that speaks to medical and health professionals. Whether you are launching a new business or you’ve been operating for more than 10 years, Pillars of Practice is your trusted guide for online marketing.

Read an Excerpt from “Pillars of Practice”

Physicians and other health professionals are experts in their clinical discipline, yet very few of us have even a basic understanding of online marketing. To make things worse, in an era of rapid technology evolution, social media and web platforms are constantly changing. What worked a few years ago (or even months ago) on Facebook or Instagram might already be outdated today.

It’s no surprise that health professionals like us rarely have even the basic understanding necessary to market their practice online in the current ecosystem. Due to this lack of knowledge, we often make these common mistakes when starting and running our businesses:


Money. We spend thousands of dollars on online marketing with a small or, even worse, an unknown return on investment.

Time. We waste hours, days, even weeks on misguided projects that take us in the wrong direction, while pulling us away from our true profession.

Support. We hire agencies, consultants or staff that lack a firm grasp of our particular field or have no idea what they are doing.


We wrote this book to help you, the physician or health professional, avoid making these mistakes. Or if you’ve “been there, done that,” with a bank account to prove it, we will arm you with a foundation of knowledge to overcome these pitfalls. You will be better prepared to market your business online or oversee a marketing agency that does your online marketing for you. This book will teach you key tactics like building your website, setting up and running Google Ads, obtaining and maintaining a solid review count, and growing your online presence with meaningful content.


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