Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Carpal tunnel surgery is a hand surgery procedure that relieves pressure on the median nerve at the wrist. When the nerve is under increased pressure, you may develop a wide range of symptoms. These symptoms include nighttime tingling and numbness to pain, swelling and weakness. If left untreated, the result might be irreversible muscle weakness in your thumb and hand.


How is carpal tunnel surgery performed?

Dr. Tannan performs endoscopic carpal tunnel minimally invasively. This approach relies on a small incision in your forearm to release the carpal tunnel from the inside out. She has extensive experience with the endoscopic technique. It is safe and can result in a very quick recovery, often just one to two weeks. She also offers open carpal tunnel release surgery as well. In some patients this can be done under local anesthesia, allowing you to maximize your recovery time. Alternatively, we are able to perform this surgery in the operating room under anesthesia as well.


What is recovery like after carpal tunnel release?

Recovery from this procedure is fairly quick and straightforward. Typically, we expect a two week recovery period following carpal tunnel surgery.


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