Trigger Finger

Trigger finger and trigger thumb refer to an inflammatory condition characterized by locking and catching that is often painful with active motion of your finger (like bending it when you make a fist or grasp an object). Sometimes you can wake up with your finger in the flexed or bent position and it can hurt when you try to straighten it. If left untreated this condition can result in permanent loss of motion and stiffness of varying degrees.


How is trigger finger surgery performed?

Initial treatment is steroid injection but in one third to one half of the population a steroid injection is not curative. Trigger finger surgery can be done in the office or the operating room setting depending on the patient preference and the finger involved. In light of the unique anatomy of the thumb, Dr. Tannan performs trigger thumb surgery in the operating room.


What is recovery like after trigger finger surgery?

Recovery is typically 2 weeks with a steady progressive increase in activity level immediately following that.


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