Hand Rejuvenation

Our hands reveal so much about their owners, from the work we have done to the years we have seen. Hand rejuvenation is performed to restore the volume in the deflated backs of your hands with fillers or fat grafting injected into the hand to minimize the skeletonized appearance of hands as we age.


Where is the hand rejuvenation procedure performed on the hand?

As a hand specialist, Dr. Tannan precisely places the filler or fat graft in the tissues on the dorsum or back of your hand. This is the safest anatomic location as well as the most obvious area of atrophy or thinning of the natural fat layer in the hand.


Is hand rejuvenation right for me?

Targeting this location on your hand will improve its appearance when your hands are facedown in your lap or on a computer, or if you raise them to talk or tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. Let’s face it, your face and your hands are how you interact with the world! What is the first thing you do when you meet someone new? Smile and shake their hand. We are here to help you put your best, freshest face (and hand!) forward.


What is recovery like after hand fillers or hand rejuvenation surgery?

Recovery involves two weeks of limited hand activity to minimize swelling and then a slow and steady return to your previous activity.


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