Thigh Lift

The combination of weight loss, gravity and loss of elasticity as we mature in age can cause excess skin of the legs and thighs. This can be uncomfortable and bothersome. The extra skin often causes rashes and makes it difficult to fit in clothing. A thigh lift procedure could be the solution to these problems.


How is thigh lift surgery performed?

Thigh lift restores the natural contour of the thigh by removing the excess skin and fat along the inner thigh. This plastic surgery procedure involves a combination of liposuction and removal of the extra sagging skin.


Is thigh lift surgery right for me?

Thigh lift surgery addresses the problematic areas of the upper thigh that make you self conscious in swimsuits and shorts. This area of skin does not retract well after major weight loss. Plastic surgery might be the only way to correct it. Dr. Tannan helps you determine if you would be a suitable candidate for a thigh reduction procedure.


How much does a thigh lift cost?

Take a look at our Plastic Surgery Cost Calculator to find the average cost for thigh lift surgery. Just a click away, the calculator displays price ranges for a thigh lift as well as other popular cosmetic surgery procedures.


What is the recovery like after thigh lift surgery?

Recovery involves 4-6 weeks of avoidance of strenuous activity. This time allows the tissues to heal and maximize the final aesthetic result. Learn more about recovery from a thigh lift and other procedures using the Plastic Surgery Recovery Calculator.


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