Scar Revision

Scars are noticeable places on the face or body that result from healed wounds. Typically there is a physical mark on the skin from fibrous connective tissue that forms to cover an open wound, burn, sore or surgically closed incision. Scars naturally form from skin healing after injuries, accidents, previous surgeries, and pregnancy (C-section). Sometimes the appearance of these scars can be undesirable. It may cause you to have feelings of self-consciousness that can lead to anxiety in public, the need to cover up, a lack of body confidence, etc. To address the concerns from an unsightly scar, you might consider the benefits of a Scar Revision procedure.

What is the consultation like for Scar Revision?

First we identify why the scar healed poorly. For example, did your scar result from a traumatic injury like a car accident? Road rash from a motorcycle or bike accident can create traumatic gravel tattoos in the skin that show for years. Traumatic wounds, even if repaired well at the time of injury, can lead to scars that widen or thicken over time and have an irregular appearance.

Another type of scar we see quite often is the C-Section scar from pregnancy and childbirth. It may stick down to the muscle during the healing process, creating an unnatural overhang of skin and fat and a deep divet or depression that goes down to your abdominal muscle.

Surgical scars in locations where the skin is mobile, over joints such as the shoulder and knee, or over the breastbone, also heal unfavorably from all the tension pulling the skin in different directions. Once we determine what led to poor scar healing, we can try to get at the root cause of the scar’s poor appearance, and then treat the irregular scar itself.


How is Scar Revision performed?

Scar Revision is a plastic surgery technique to treat scars and bring back the natural look of your skin. This procedure generally involves local anesthesia applied to the scarred region to ensure your safety and comfort. During the procedure, the old scar is removed, and sometimes the wound is reoriented so the new scar is placed in a more favorable location or orientation if the tissue allows for it. Deeper, stronger tissue layers are brought together to minimize the pulling on the top layer of skin. While we do not have the ability to make scars disappear completely, we can camouflage them in known wrinkles or folds of skin to make them far less noticeable.

Some patients are prone to having scars that are darker or lighter than the surrounding skin. We have options with our skincare line, ZO Skin Health, to even pigmentation irregularities and skin tones for the long term as a part of our comprehensive skin care and treatment plan. This skin care line offers anti-aging benefits as well.

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What is recovery like after a scar treatment?

Recovery from Scar Revision depends on where the scar is located and how extensive the repair was to fix it. Scars on the face tend to heal more rapidly than ones on the chest and body. In general, the skin undergoes the early phase of healing in the first week. After that, the scar remodels and strengthens over time. It can thicken or get red before ultimately fading and softening as it matures. The entire scar recovery process sometimes takes a few months and in some cases can take a full year.


How much does a Scar Revision cost?

The cost for scar removal or Scar Revision is variable, depending primarily on the size, location and nature of the scar. During your consultation, Dr. Tannan will discuss your scar treatment plan options and help you decide on an approach that’s best for you.


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